The Effects of Baby Boomers Retiring

Numbers of Baby Boomers Retiring

What About the Great Number of Baby Boomers Retiring

Your college days mark a turning point in your life. By this time, you’ve finally realized the value of getting a degree in order to land a good job. And after establishing your career, you will have to work around eight hours a day for many years. As an individual, you’re not only earning money for your family, but you’re also helping the economy of the country that you live in.Hear Us Roar

World War II Ends

After World War II, the population continued to increase for nearly twenty years. The babies born during this time were called baby boomers. Millions of babies were born, and at present, some of them are already in their senior years while the rest are in their middle ages.

With so many boomers retiring, can the economy withstand the effects of this situation? In the US alone, they are already preparing for this scenario. Their priorities were attuned to the economy’s needs as many boomers retire. This included certain areas such as transportation, health care, and housing.

Effects of Baby Boomers Retiring

Now that baby boomers are retiring, the need for health-care workers is in great demand. But it is also expected that the US will be in short supply of geriatricians and nurses. The entire country must have the capacity to meet this need. Therefore, the authorities are trying to figure out effective ways to attract people in the field of health care and ensure that they will stay longer.

People Use to Retire at 65

Workforce preparation is one of the many priorities of the federal government today.

Not all people retire at the age of 65. Others even retire before they reach that age, while others still have the desire to work longer. But the expected number of baby boomers retiring should not be ignored. Retirement funding is a very important consideration that should not be overlooked.

Life expectancy is not the same many years ago. Now, if a person retires at 65, he/she can expect another 20 years or so of his/her life. If he/she doesn’t have a job, then he/she will greatly depend on his/her pension and family for survival.I'm Keeping My Job Kid

Boomers and Social Security

Social Security may experience a big problem when the boomer retirees start collecting.

The Social Security Administration does not encourage baby boomers to retire at 65 or even have an early retirement. Boomers born from 1944 to 1950 should wait until they reach their 66th birthday before they can receive full benefits. The boomers after 1950 can expect incentives if they retire at 70.

Congress has been slowly raising the age to receive full benefits due to the fact that the Social Security Trust Fund is already negative, meaning it is paying out more than it is taking in. It is projected to be depleted by 2037. Also, COLA, the cost of living raises have been up and down in recent years.

Corporate Pensions? Going Away Fast

Corporate pensions are another problem. By now, you are aware that many companies are reneging on plans or are going bankrupt. If the whole system is like this, what can the retirees expect?

The workforce can’t handle this situation if all baby boomers should retire. This will have a huge impact in many fields. Oftentimes, individuals in their senior years still have a lot to contribute to the society. Those who would still like to work as a part-time employee will be encouraged to do so; another offer for boomers is to work on flex-time after they retire. Seniors have a wealth of knowledge and experiences, so if they decide to continue working, they should not be stuck in a work that does not utilize their skills. But they should also be open to new ways or technology. The seniors need be able to learn new ways.

Aging Baby Boomers and Healthcare

But not all seniors are still capable of working. As people age, they often get sick. They suffer from certain illnesses which makes it hard for them to work. These things are barriers that can prevent baby boomers from working.

The federal government can’t do these things alone. The families of baby boomers, their communities, and all the states should all make efforts to have sound and well-funded plans in place.

But most of all, the aging baby boomer should be prepared for this situation. They should not expect other people to care for them, not even their family. Family members can help and provide assistance, but that can lead to burn out and potentially elder abuse. Baby boomers should have a plan, and be ready for aging. Aging is one thing that all people will be going through, so being prepared will ease the burden.

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And Remember….67% of Baby Boomers

As an aging boomer, you should not feel down. Who knows, this might be another good start for you to live a meaningful life upon retirement.The effects of baby boomers retiring should be a gift to the next generations for a lifetime of experience, knowledge and wealth creation passed on.

As always, I welcome your comments or questions below. I will respond ASAP.

2 thoughts on “The Effects of Baby Boomers Retiring

  1. I like a lot of the points that you made because while many baby boomers seem to be in a comfortable position there are also perhaps many others to need to gather whatever resources they have to still make a timer for them selves. I even see some working had a very old age as well so there is obviously a disadvantage is going on in the market for retirement right now. Hopefully your help can shine some light further along with your help

    1. Yes, Andrew, will many Baby Boomers may think they are ready for retirement, the reality is, they are more often not. Unless, they have large retirement plans, a secure pension plan or a good chunk of inheritance, the statistics are grim,  But, with my Personal Pension ideas, there is hope. It is just taking the firs step for your future that they/you must make. It is making the call.

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