Retiring Baby Boomer Statistics

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Baby Boomer Statistics on Birth, Retirement and Empty Nestling

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The baby boomer generation plays a significant part in almost every aspect of today’s America. They made an impact on every age cluster they belong to. Baby boomers have the.most diversity potential of any generation in history. Just think about all they have experienced!

Fast statistics show that the fifty plus age group of baby boomers are earning roughly two trillion dollars, control of more than seven trillion dollars of wealth and own 77% of financial assets in United States. That is not all, baby boomers also hold 50% of the discretionary powers in both government and private organizations.

Baby Boomers and Empty Nests

Baby boomers are interesting subjects. Their power to do, their immense abilities and their emotions are something to witness. And since the younger baby boomer generation is now ranging in age from 42 to 60 years old, they are facing the issues of retirement. It is fascinating to discover how baby boomers envision their old age, their retirement plans and the thought of being empty nesters.

Empty nesting is the period in parents’ lives when their children start moving out to live their own lives. Sadly, aging parents are left by themselves, reliving the scenarios when they were just starting out as a family as well. The difference is that they have consumed the energy and youth they used to have in abundance. While the baby boomers have a range of emotions toward empty nesting, they are still most likely to brand themselves-the independent generation.

Furthermore in the poll conducted with baby boomers, the following are some key points which were uncovered:

Considering the statistics of birth of baby boomers, the name of their generation was derived from the explosion of birth right after the World War II. Over the span of the baby boomer years, roughly seventy-six million Americans were born. Currently, the population of baby boomers occupies twenty-eight percent of the whole populace in United States.

Specifically by the year 1957, an estimated 4.3 million of babies were born in America. That number had eclipsed any other year before it.

Baby Boomer Retirement Statistics

On the issue of retirement, baby boomers view this stage on its brighter side. Retiring baby boomer statistics show, most of the baby boomers plan to pursue a career after their previous career. Being involved in a sole proprietorship or any self-employed business is the popular choice. Seventy-five percent envision their retirement as the chance to devote leisure time to their children and grandchildren. This will result in more domesticated adults. However, of this poll, seventy-four percent feel freer upon retirement while fifty-seven percent claimed that they will only be freer when they become empty nesters.image 2 Retiring Baby Boomer Statistics 7-20-28

More than half of the baby boomers are confident that they will have enough money for leisure when they already retire. This means that less than half of them are not certain if they will live a comfortable life after retirement. These statistics greatly affect the issue of empty nesting and the emotions that come along with them.

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More Empty Nest Statistics

When questioned about parenting, 71% of the baby boomers responded positively. For these baby boomers, parenting was a challenging task that marked many wonderful experiences for them. That is why when the empty nesting stage comes, baby boomers are more emotionally prepared. This is illustrated in the positive feedback of the 58% baby boomers who are readying for the time when their kids have to leave the nest for good. In parallel, a surprising twenty-six percent feel like they will be closer to their better halves when their kids are gone.image 3 Retiring Baby Boomer Statistics 7-20-18

The older the baby boomers are, the more emotionally stable they become. Most of the oldies in this generation have been very ready to clear the nest. While the large percentage state more neutral emotions, baby boomers are more likely to appreciate the freedom that they will soon be enjoying.

For seventy-four percent of baby boomers, they have proven to be good role models for their children. Forty percent of the aging baby boomers foresee that there will come a time when their children will still cling to them. Since baby boomers are characterized by being independent, only twenty-eight percent view their children as a source of rental income.

Indeed, baby boomers play significant roles in society. It is their age that introduces the value of optimism and self-sufficiency.

Are Baby Boomers a Productive Generation?

Even though the parents of baby boomers are often called “The Greatest Generation,” it was that “Greatest Generation,”  that gave birth to a generation of independent thinkers and massive wealth creators.

We continue to update retiring baby boomer statistics because each day 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65.

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