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Index Annuities: A Smart Choice for Principal Protection, Growth Potential and Lifetime Income

Index annuities are retirement savings vehicles that combine upside potential with the guaranteed protection of a traditional fixed annuity. If you’re looking to generate more income for retirement, while avoiding the risk of losing your principal in a down market, index annuities may be an attractive long-term solution. Your Personal Pension Advisor can help you determine if an index annuity is right for your income needs.

Power Index Plus Income Annuity

Questions About Social Security?

When it comes to Social Security, you may be wondering whether you should:

  • Start collecting early but receive a reduced benefit?
  • Wait until Full Retirement Age to start collecting your full benefit?
  • Delay past Full Retirement Age to maximize your benefit?

Power Index Annuities

Power Plus Index Annuity

Power Select Annuities

Power Select Index Annuity

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