What is Life Insurance? Pros and Cons

What are the differences in Life Insurance and why do I like Indexed Universal Life Insurance? Life Insurance Can Be Bought in Many Forms Life insurance can be bought in many forms and universal life is one of those forms. Universal life insurance is a permanent type of insurance that Read More

Baby Boomer Retirement? Are You There Yet?

Do you have peace of mind about your bottom line? How Much Do You Have Saved? Do you have a retirement plan at all? A 401K? An IRA? A company sponsored Pension Plan? If the answer is yes, are you contributing to them? If you are, are you maximizing your Read More

Keep Calm and enjoy retirement!

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This is your Annuity Resource blog to learn all about how Fixed Index Annuities, Indexed Universal Life and Life Insurance can be a part of your financial picture. How can Annuity 1st create your personal pension? Call us to find out!

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