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Jacqueline Thornhill

Nevada Insurance License #36514


I have been living in Las Vegas for 27
years after moving here from Southern California inJacqueline Thornhill CFP®
1991. I am originally from Northern California, where
I attended elementary school through college.
I graduated from Chabot College in Hayward, California with an
AA Degree. In July 2009 I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies from Thomas Edison State College in Trenton,

I had worked for the US Forest Service as a firefighter in South Lake Tahoe, then
moved to Reno and Sparks Nevada where I worked in Law
Enforcement and had my first exposure to working on the side of the
“good guys.”

Next I worked in the Scuba Diving Industry and had the
pleasure of diving all over the world before moving to Las Vegas with the
Tony Robbins Companies to facilitate Tony’s workshops on
empowerment and sales.

This led me to open my Financial Services practice in 1993 where I built a large clientele with am emphasis on Financial Planning, Investments and Insurance. As my practice grew and I began to work with clients at or near retirement, my focus turned on ways to help provide guaranteed streams of lifetime income. This was my passion, helping people retire financially free!


As a baby boomer myself, and needing to provide for my own retirement, seeking out ways to build wealth and protect principle became a quest that almost seemed a distant goal. I continued to work and knew that investments ultimately with the market volatility would not be stable enough to offer my more cautious clients peace of mind. Also, a very large transfer of wealth was about to take place, the largest in history, and I wanted to be prepared to offer sound advice.


When I was awarded the CERTIFED FIANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 2009, it became very clear how insurance products fit into the overall financial plan. Yes, that does include Life Insurance, and annuity products. Annuities were getting bad reviews from it seemed from everywhere. As I did my research, I found that the bad reviews were coming from investment “gurus,” investment competitors and banks to name a few who knew they could not compete. With principal guarantees on some products, an insurance guaranty similar to the FDIC, and market upside potential without the downside risk, I could offer clients some peace of mind.

Join me as I make it my quest to help you and you and you, create your personal pension with guaranteed lifetime income!

All the best,
Jacqueline Thornhill

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